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Psyllium Husk: Everything You Need To Know

Psyllium Husk: Everything You Need To Know

At YR Health, our collection of products includes standard supplements like ZincVitamin B12, and Multivitamins. We also offer some unique options, like our Psyllium Husk Complex supplement. As this is a lesser known product, we're sharing all of the important information regarding what it is and how it works. 


What is psyllium husk?

Plantago ovata is a type of plant, and its seeds are where psyllium husk comes from. Each individual plant produces up to 15,000 seeds, all of which have an outer coating. Psyllium husk is the name for this outer coating. It is harvested from the plant's seeds and used as a natural digestive health product. Depending on the needs of each person, psyllium husk can be taken on its own or in combination with other supplements. 


Why take psyllium husk?

Psyllium husk is a bulk-forming fibre, which means it can soak up water in the gut. This can help make bowel movements more regular and easier to pass. It may also help improve any pain or discomfort associated with bowel movements. Unlike other digestive supplements, psyllium husk does not increase gas or flatulence when improving other digestive symptoms. It can also help promote feelings of fullness, which may assist in weight loss efforts. 

Some people use this product to combat specific digestive symptoms, while others take it in an effort to help improve or maintain their overall digestive health. In addition to those with gut issues, people who are following keto, paleo, and low-carbohydrate diets could benefit greatly from using a psyllium husk supplement to help maintain healthy digestion. 

As well as digestive health, research suggests that taking soluble fibre, such as psyllium husk, might also improve heart health. This is due to it's potential role in helping to control cholesterol levels. Keeping cholesterol levels in check is important for anyone's overall health, especially those over the age of 50.



What is the recommended daily dose?

The ideal dose of this supplement can vary between individuals. Our Psyllium Husk Complex offers 1300mg per capsule, and we recommend taking two capsules per day. It’s also preferable to take this supplement with a meal, but this is not essential. 

Consulting a healthcare practitioner is always the safest option for anyone who feels unsure about the right dose for them. Doctors can take medical history, medications, and any other additional health factors into account when working out the ideal dose for their patients. Unless directly advised otherwise by a healthcare professional, it's important not to exceed the recommended daily dose of two capsules.


What sets our Psyllium Husk Complex apart from others?

We have extensively researched the perfect combination of ingredients to complement the excellent dietary fibre that is psyllium husk. We have found that adding peppermint and ginger alongside the fibre makes this product gentler on the stomach result than other pure husk products. 

This product’s unique formula helps fight the cramps that can result from taking high fibre products while supporting normal digestive functions. It’s also 100% natural, vegan, and contains no GMOs, gluten, wheat, or other common allergens. This means that it can fit into almost any lifestyle. 


What do our customers say about our Psyllium Husk Complex?

Here are some 5 star reviews from verified customers who have purchased our Psyllium Husk Complex from our website or Amazon store:

Helped with a lot of my stomach issues just taking 2 of these a day. I couldn’t go without them now.”

“This certainly does what it claims to do. After only a few days, my - ahem - movements were smooth and regular. Some people find the size and flavour of the capsule a problem. Not for me. The capsule is fine in size and the taste hardly noticeable. A truly great product from a British company that I will be buying more products from.”

“These are great in helping you to stay regular and keep you full so you eat less throughout the day. I always reorder before my tablets finish. Can’t live without them!!”

“I have gilbert's syndrome and have suffered constipation most of my life from it. These tablets have pretty much changed my bowel movements instantly. I would struggle going to the toilet every day, now I'll go once or twice, which has helped with bloating. I take them with breakfast and a litre of water, and they have been extremely effective. Will definitely be buying again!”

“This really did work for me, I think the Peppermint combo does the trick. It's high strength and a great price, great quality. Highly recommended.”


“I am really happy with these. I am doing keto at the moment which means I am not getting as much fibre as I need and I also take painkillers which make me constipated and these have helped with regularity and have stopped the pain of going. They are great value for money compared to other brands. I would highly recommend it :)”


Worked a treat. Took 2 of these bad boys and 6 hours later spent a much needed 20 mins reacquainting my backside with the porcelain. Taken with water and no grim aftertaste.”


Key takeaways

Here are the key points to remember about psyllium husk:

  • Psyllium husk is a bulk-forming fibre.
  • It comes from the outer coating of Plantago ovata seeds.
  • Psyllium husk can soak up water in the gut, which helps promote bowel movements that are regular and free from discomfort.
  • People use this supplement to alleviate digestive symptoms like bloating and constipation.
  • Psyllium husk can help maintain and even improve general digestive health.
  • Research suggests that psyllium husk might be able to help improve heart health as it may play a role in controlling cholesterol. 
  • As it can promote feelings of fullness, some people use this supplement to help with their weight loss efforts.
  • Our recommended daily dose is two 1300mg tablets unless directed otherwise by a healthcare practitioner.
  • Our Psyllium Husk Complex also contains ginger and peppermint, both of which can help ease any fibre-induced discomfort and settle the gut.
  • This is a popular product that has earned a rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon based on reviews from hundreds of happy customers.
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